Over and Out

I am very excited and proud to announce that is up and running.  It is my official portfolio site and will soon contain an events/news page as well.  After this point, if you would like to see more of my work, please follow the link above.

My tumblr will continue to be updated with the progress of my work for Bartram's Garden, but will become the source for event/show information and pictures of my finished works.


Ready for transport.


Untitled Summer 2012


Work in Progress

These covers were made at the request of a friend.  I'm in the process of oiling them; I will be able to bind the book in early August.



I have two pieces in an upcoming show at the Wharton Esherick Museum.  His is a Fragile Kingdom and Between Times will be on view from September 9th through December 31st 2012.  The museum is in the Valley Forge area of southeastern Pennsylvania.  For more information about the location and Wharton Esherick, visit:

In other news, I have decided to create a tumblr page to post the progression of my work for The Center for Art in Wood/Bartram's Gardens.  This development is recent and as I type this, I have yet to post any images on that page.  I have a few unrelated pieces to finish up, then I will work on arranging my documentation thus far and also begin to post my progress weekly from my studio.  Please bear with me; I will post promptly on August first if not sooner.

This planet's very peaceful.  Over and out.


Between Times  Summer 2012


The Bartram's Garden project is officially underway.  I went to the gardens last week to gather my wood; the picture is of one of the Silverbell branches I will be carving over the course of the next year. 

The photo was taken by Tara Inman-Bellafatto on her phone before helping me get everything across town to my studio.

I'm still acquiring some of the other materials for my project, but I will be posting updates and drawings as it gets further along.


Bartram's Box Remix

Good news! I have been selected to create a series of work for a show coordinated by the Center for Art in Wood and America's oldest botanical garden.  The pieces will reference the gardens and work of John and William Bartram.  Each piece will be made using wood from Bartram's Garden.  I will upload images as the project progresses.


Untitled  Winter 2012